просто тринити гал (trinity_gal) wrote in ukdeaf,
просто тринити гал


If you are in London, I recommend this play http://www.royalcourttheatre.com/whats-on/tribes

Dialogues littered with intellectual wank of hearing bohemian middle class family who raised to keep their deaf son out of some stupid Deaf culture - until he meets his girlfriend who's part of 'D' culture.

It's a play about deafness, nuances of experiences of deaf growing up in hearing family, emotional pain of hearing going deaf (that was surprising, I never thought about this before).

a play that's actually not in ghetto disability theatre!

one minus: it had one small annoying stereotype - deaf must be OMG amazing at lipreading that's worth being employed by police to lipread mute secret video tapes of criminals, but this was meant to help to illustrate of how much guesswork our lipreading involves actually which can have dire consequence (not to reveal actual plot)
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